About us

Hello my name is Armani and I´m a Cocker Spaniel and originally coming from Spain. Both of my owners adopted me from an animal rescue foundation and now I can spend my retirement with them, cause I´m not the youngest dog anymore.

In July 2012 me and my family left the beautiful Münterland in Germany to come to Rømø, to open a brand new dog shop.

They decided to come here, cause of this wonderful refreshing breeze coming from the North Sea. This made me so hungry everytime we got here on vacation, so I got a big elkbone which I ate right away, even though it was only intended for playing with. Both of my owners drove to every corner of the island to get me a new one, but they had to give up everytime cause nobody sold special things like that for dogs.

So this must be changed! Both of them thought that other dog owners must have the same problems cause on this beautiful island there´re many dogs, especially when the holiday season starts. The idea was born to open a dog shop and many lucky coincidences made this dream come true.

Now we are citizens of Rømø since 2012. During the last season we already got so many positive compliments and feedbacks for our shop and our well chosen assortment. So we all feel happy and contented on our favorite island. Now I get my favorite elkbone as often as I like and we have a huge beach also, where we can play and romp around.